Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's True!

I'm hungry like the wolf.

Du-du-doo-doo du-doo-doo du-doo-doo da-doo-doo

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The End of Things

Ever since I was a little kid, I've wondered if certain things will ever actually come to an end. Gimmicks, story lines, characters, will these things even close? Allow me to give an example. I have often wondered: What if Trix cereal is finally discontinued? Will the add campaign finally allow the rabbit to get those Trix? Will anyone ever finally say, "No more, Star Wars is over, quit adding stuff,"? It sounds silly, but think about it: how would hose kinds of things end? Will all Spider-Man story lines finally wrap up? Blah, blah, it all sounds geeky, but those are just my examples.

This whole idea has changed since the internet. Let me ask you, is there ever a day when you think you will get rid of your facebook account? Think about it. Is there a point when you'll close it down, turn it off? Maybe we'll use it less and less as we get older, but maybe we're a new generation that will keep it up. Now think... one day, we will have had our facebook accounts for years. Five years. Ten years. Twenty years. And the internet will have frozen pictures of us and our friends in progression for the past twenty years. When will we shut them down? Will our kids log onto our accounts and see these progressive photo albums of our teenage and adult lives?

I'm just curious. Goodnight.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Moments of Clarity

There is a time of the day, it is early, when the light from the sun moves like grey water slipping by under the ice of a frozen stream. Amber light begins to sneak out growing cracks, lifting into the air, causing you to realize that the only thing you have any peace with in this world is with God and it is a comforting and terrifying idea all at once. The inky night knows that it is being erased, washed away by light the color of fruit, and I realize that I am thirsty as I look at it all and realize that in this moment I am not tired. I will be soon, once the day is no longer being born, once I've had that glass of juice, my body will remember that I am tired. Where are you? I'm here, watching the morning. How do you feel? I am at peace, and it scares me. Then you are not at peace, are you? Drink this sky, and try to feel stress. It is impossible. I feel God here in this moment. My knees are shaking. I understand you. I get you. Others say I don't but I do. Swim in this sunrise, and feel joy. Dip your fingers in these colors and wash the contented feeling out of your fingers. You can't and you don't want to. This is the morning. You get me. This is the morning and the light is decided it will stay. This moment will change, but my fingers will stay stained with color, and I'll never get the smell of peace out of my clothes. Not that I would want to.